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We are currently experiencing issues with our isp. Our ADSL is dropping out about 2 times a day, while the isp is investigating the issues i have had a lot of problems with my vpn's obviously as the internet drops out so do the vpn's.

I have 2 vpns from cisco 827's going in to a pix 515. The issue is that everytime the internet drops out the vpns take a long time to re establish.

My question is how do i make it so the vpns re establish quicker, is it dont on the remote site or on the pix?


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Do you end up getting a new IP when the ADSL drops? If so, try configuring the PIX to

isakmp identity hostname

(and see if you can find the equivilent on the 827.)

Also, you could try reducing the isakmp phase 1 lifetime.

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Walter Roberson

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