Please help with password on PIX 501

I know asking for passwords is a common theme, and I've tried to get the answer from the internet and on Cisco's website, but the problem is we have no information to start with. We don't know the PIX software version or anything.

Our internet provider installed this PIX 501 several years ago. Now they are under new ownership, and they evidently cannot provide the passwords. We would like to use it, however. But what can we do, since we do not know the version?

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If I recall correctly, if you watch the console port (9600 8N1) during bootup, the PIX software version number will be mentioned.

If you had to guess at a version, guess 6.2. The PIX 501 did not exist until 6.1(1), but 6.1 was not really a long lasting release and due to security problems and improved functionality, most sites would have gone to 6.2. If they haven't been actively maintaining the PIX, they might not have upgraded to PIX 6.3 -- which has also been out for a few years now. I'm estimating that "several years" likely places it at 6.2, with 6.3 as a possible.

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Walter Roberson

You may wish to investigate Cisco PIX Password Recovery:

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For step by step instruction.

Hope this helps.

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