firewall symantec 320 security gateway password recover

Hi, is there a way to recover username and password of this appliance? I wouldn't reset the box because I will loose all the configuration, but the final customer doesn't remember username and password and I have to make some modify to the configuration. I remembet that in zyxel products you could access to a text base configuration connetting to serial port of the firewall. Is it possible also with thi symantec appliance? With zywall if you connect via serial port you don't need password. thank you


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You should smack the user up side the head.

Hard reset to get user ID and password back to out of the box default settings and re-configure.

And again, smack the user up side the head.

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Mr. Arnold

..... really anything else? help!


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The professional way to handle such problems is to spend some more hours on the particular job and write a bigger bill.


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