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Hi all,

I'm needing some pointers from anyone who's played with British Telecoms's IP Clear service. I'm only asking here because BT have given me absolutely no clues at all about how I'm supposed to configure my routers so it's all guesswork on my part. If anyone has any advice it would be gratefully received!

The service has been "live" for a bit now but seeing as they misconfigured part of it in the first instance I'm refusing to move the existing routers currently servicing our framestream (frame relay) onto the new service until I'm sure it works. Currently pressed into service on three of the legs for testing are a pair of 1603R's (IOS

12.1) and a 2516 (IOS 12.3).

Here's a snippet from the 2516 config:

interface Ethernet0 ip address ! interface Serial0 bandwidth 256 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay IETF no fair-queue frame-relay lmi-type ansi ! interface Serial0.1 point-to-point bandwidth 256 ip unnumbered Ethernet0 frame-relay interface-dlci 103 ! router eigrp 2 network auto-summary !

...and from one of the 1603's:

interface Ethernet0 description connected to EthernetLAN ip address ! interface Serial0 bandwidth 2048 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay IETF frame-relay lmi-type ansi ! interface Serial0.1 point-to-point ip unnumbered Ethernet0 frame-relay interface-dlci 101 ! router eigrp 2 network auto-summary no eigrp log-neighbor-changes !

Now if the truth be known, I've never worked with anything more complicated than simple frame-relay point-to-point based connections and all of what I have tried has been from friends advice, cisco's website and study books from my CCNA.

"show frame pvc" and "show int s0.1" all seem quite happy, no LMI errors, active PVC etc. so I'm confident the frame-relay based "first hop" is fine, I just don't seem to be able to get these routers to talk to each other.

If anyone can point out obvious errors, misconceptions, poor assumptions or downright stupididy please let me know because BT seems to assume everyone who wants IPClear has set it up before, seemingly in a chicken and egg style.

Thanks to anyone with the time to help.

Kev (Supposed) Network Admin

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Kevin Latimer
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Hi Kevin

BT's IP clear in it's basic form does not use routing protocols between the customer and their network.(can pay extra I think and have BGP). I assume this is a basic set up you have. If so then you would need default routes pointing to the sub-interface. BT will need to know what networks each site contains and it will configure static routes back to your router (CE) on their PE, they will also re-distribute these static routes into their BGP so the remote PE's feeding your other sites can route over the BT's MPLS network.

Without a default route pointing at the IP Clear cloud and also without BT configuring your networks on its PE as static routes you won't get this thing working.

I see one of your sites is using dlci 103, usually BT use 101 and 199 for Internet access. if you have multiple closed user groups fed off one site then you would usually use 101 for the first 102 for the second and 103 for the third etc.

hope this helps


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I got this to work about an hour ago after reading this post (I didn't think I'd had any replies!) - I was missing a static route through the subinterface. Thanks for the reply, it was onl through checkinf everything in your post that I realised my error. I was expecting to be able to run a routing protocol (in this case IGRP) but this was clearly a stupid assumption as I watched my routing tables remain resolutely containing a single route...

The DLCI's were correct, I actually have five sites in this user group, although I had to guess which ones to use. Has anyone who has ordered IP Clear actually received any config information at all? All I got was first quarters bill...



Toby wrote:

between the

without BT



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