question about mixing serial and ethernet on test

on my "practice" exam, several questions give a setup with IP addresses on various serial and ethernet ports of various routers. either a question will refer to, say "serial port 1 on router x", when that router only has an ethernet port of that number, or the setup with several routers will use the same subnet on an ethernet port on one router as on the serial port of another, and the correct answer implies those two ports were to be connected to each other. In both cases, the correct multiple choice answer would be "none of the above", but of course that is not one of the choices.

Does the real exam exhibit this problem?

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The possibility always exists that there may be errors on the test.

Commercially available simulators act much differently than the test, however... practice tests, as a general rule, are also quite different.

The best "simulator" to use for the CCNA is a real Cisco router.

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