BGP - route-map matching clients IP.

Hi all,

I have cisco router connected with BGP to 3 peers. Is it possible to use route-map that will choose (set up) route to specific peer depending on source or destination ip address?

If so I will be gratefull for any example.

Regards, Jarek

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Jarek Jarzebowski
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sure it is. It's called policy or source-based-routing. You may apply a route-map to one or more of your interfaces like this:

route-map Next-Hop-XY permit 5 match ip address 50 // access-list set ip next-hop a.b.c.d // the bgp peer's IP-address

Then you just assign the route-map to a specific interface like this:

interface ethernet 1/1 port-name ABC ip address ... ip policy route-map Next-Hop-XY

But be careful with that: when the specified peer is down, the source IP will loose worldwide ip-connectivity.

Best regards, Nicolaj Kamensek

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Nicolaj Kamensek

Hi Nicolaj,

thanks for explanations. Now all is clear for me.


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