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I have a question to routes on ASA7.2(1).

2 group of clients should be connect to same server, but over 2 different ways.


Group1 ----- . , ------- ... .... (in)G1/0 X G0/0 ---- Group2 ----- ' ` ------- ... .... (dmz)G1/1 G0/1

- test 1 route interface i can configure a route per interface, but "Name of interface" seen not refer to incoming traffik

# route dmz # route in ERROR: Cannot add route entry, possible conflict with existing routes

Which purpose has "Name of interface"?

- test 2 route map

formatting link
-> You can't policy route on an ASA

(config-route-map)# set ? route-map mode commands/options: metric Set metric value for destination routing protocol metric-type Set type of metric for destination routing protocol

-> ASA unknown "set next-hop"

- test 3 policy-map

(config-pmap)# set ip next-hop ^ ERROR: % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

-> Also policy-map does not seem possible.

Any suggestion?

regards Joerg

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