Strange route-map problem

Hi all,

I'm trying to send to an iBGP neighbor some routes based on a community. But there must be something REALLY wrong in my config...

This is the relevant config of the first (main) router:

i#sh ver Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) 7200 Software (C7200-IK9O3S-M), Version 12.3(1a), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) cisco 7206VXR (NPE400) processor (revision A) with 245760K/16384K bytes of memory.

router bgp MYAS no synchronization bgp router-id 213.171.x.x bgp cluster-id 3559115777 bgp log-neighbor-changes bgp dampening network mask network mask neighbor 81.29.x.y remote-as ISPAS neighbor 81.29.x.y prefix-list MYPREFIX out neighbor 81.29.x.y weight 50 neighbor 213.171.x.y remote-as MYAS neighbor 213.171.x.y description iBGP neighbor 213.171.x.y update-source Loopback0 neighbor 213.171.x.y next-hop-self neighbor 213.171.x.y send-community neighbor 213.171.x.y default-originate neighbor 213.171.x.y route-map IBGPOUT out neighbor 213.171.x.z remote-as MYAS neighbor 213.171.x.z prefix-list MIXIN in neighbor 213.171.x.z route-map MIXIN in neighbor 213.171.x.z route-map MIXOUT out neighbor 213.171.x.z update-source Loopback0 neighbor 213.171.x.z weight 300 no auto-summary

ip community-list standard mixlearned permit 588513380

ip prefix-list MYPREFIX seq 5 permit ip prefix-list MYPREFIX seq 10 permit ip prefix-list MYPREFIX seq 15 permit

route-map IBGPOUT permit 10 match community mixlearned ! route-map IBGPOUT permit 20 match ip address prefix-list MYPREF

route-map MIXOUT permit 10 match as-path 2 set local-preference 100

route-map MIXIN permit 10 set community 588513380

213.171.x.y is the peer I'm having problems. Basically I apply a route- map to incoming routes from 213.171.x.z (located in a local Internet Exchange) and I add a community to them. I want to announce only this tagged routes, together with a default and my own prefixes to an iBGP neighbor. Unfortunately I can't give this neighbor ALL the routes since it only has 128Mb of memory.

a #sh ip bgp route-map IBGPOUT shows correctly all the intended routes.

but a #sh ip bgp ne 213.171.x.y shows:

For address family: IPv4 Unicast BGP table version 792109, neighbor version 792109 Index 3, Offset 0, Mask 0x8 NEXT_HOP is always this router Community attribute sent to this neighbor Default information originate, default sent Outbound path policy configured Route map for outgoing advertisements is IBGPOUT Sent Rcvd Prefix activity: ---- ---- Prefixes Current: 2 0 Prefixes Total: 10 1 Implicit Withdraw: 8 0 Explicit Withdraw: 0 1 Used as bestpath: n/a 0 Used as multipath: n/a 0

Outbound Inbound Local Policy Denied Prefixes: -------- ------- route-map: 812258 0 Bestpath from iBGP peer: 34735 n/a Total: 846993 0

The router is only advertising my prefixes and the default. All other routes are "Local Policy Denied" by the route-map (I can see the counters going up). I've clear the peers a couple of thousands of times... :D

What could be wrong?!?!? If you need the config of the other router, no probs. But it shouldn't care, as the routes are being blocked at this router!

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Marco Matarazzo
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