ASA 5505 and Cisco Client VPN pass-through

With the old PIX v6 multiple Cisco VPN clients on the inside could not reach a remote host. For example, visitors come to your location where you are using a PIX firewall with VPN and they cannot use Cisco Client to VPN to their home office.

Is the ASA 5505 v7.2.3 any better at this?



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just bob
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not true - in most cases just badly configured VPNs

Nomatter what box you have, you have the issue, as it lies with IPSEC and not the firewall product...

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Martin Bilgrav

Problem more than likely that you have seen is the result of people attempting IPSEC tunnels from behind a NAT. As stated this is normally the result of misconfigured (or correctly configured depending on what side your on) firewall.

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