Terrible power connector on ASA 5505

You would think after having so many problems with the PIX 501 and the 505 Cisco would learn a lesson.

Nope! I just took delivery of a ASA 5505 and it's just as bad if not worse.

Hey Cisco: How about putting the crap connectors on the Linksys equipment and give us the Linksys connectors?


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just bob
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I'm guessing its not a standard power plug connector? :)

Or are you do> You would think after having so many problems with the PIX 501 and the 505

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Charles N Wyble

I don't know about the OP, but in my case, with the Pix boxes, the power supply issue seems to be the connection on the circuit board. If you touch the power wire in any way, it jiggles the connection inside the box, and interrupts the power.

I am sorry to hear about similar problems with the ASA 5505, as I have two of them to replace two defective Pix 501s. Out of three initial purchases of

501s, one has a loose power connection at the board, and one suddenly stopped all connections to the inside ports. I too am disappointed with the quality of the Cisco products that I have purchased so far.


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Stephen C.

Same connected was used on the 506E and I had to replace them twice.

I was positively shocked to see the same on the new products.

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just bob

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