any have this file c2600-js-mz.12.3-19.bin

Could anybody please help me out with this file c2600-js-mz.12.3-19.bin Thanks

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How odd, first asks for c3640-jsx-mz.123-9.bin and then Ced460 asks for c2600-js-mz.12.3-19.bin

I will ask Ced460 the same thing I asked :

Do you require assistance in finding the appropriate part number to -purchase- the software from Cisco ?

(The images are, respectively, IOS 12.3(9) Enterprise Plus/H323 MCM for Cisco 3640/3640A IOS 12.3(9) Enterprise Plus for Cisco 26xxXM, 2650, and 2651 and both appear to be readily downloadable with a support contract.)

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