Aironet 1200B, 7920 phones, Call Manager, etc.

I bought an Aironet AIR-AP1200B-A-K9 from eBay, and am curious to know if I can use Cisco's wireless IP phones with it?

Does Call Manager need to be run on a server, or does it run w/in IOS?

Does the IOS that the AIR-AP1200B-A-K9 runs include Call Manager?

What other than the Aironet 1200B and the 7920 phones do I need to BUY to make this work?

Do I need some server? Software licenses? Are there any cost-saving (or free OSS) alternatives?

Purpose: I want to use these to communicate with people in a company who are often away from their desks.

Do I need at least 2 IP phones to communicate internally on the LAN?

What is involved in enabling land lines to call these phones, or other IP phones, on outside nets? Not so important, but I am curious.

Thanks for any info and/or suggestions, S7

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In article , wrote: :I bought an Aironet AIR-AP1200B-A-K9 from eBay, and am curious to know :if I can use Cisco's wireless IP phones with it?

Officially you have to "relicense" the Aironet before you can use the software on it.

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Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson schrieb:

If he has luck, it is an AIR-AP1220B running VxWorks... The "relicense" applies to IOS only.

And the IOS conversion image is still available without contract.


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Uli Link


Appart from licensing, ....

The IOS on the access-point does not offer call control services. For this you need an external "call-manager". With Cisco you have two options. Either implement the full call-manager (on a server) or implement Call-manager Express (on a suitable router). For the small scenario your sketching, a call-manager express would suffice. This also gives you the option to add land-lines at a later stadium. Call manager express is available for 1700 series and bigger and sold in bundles with all required hardware/software included.

But if budget is tight, you might want to investigate Asterisk. This is an open-source implementation of the Call-manager functionality. If I recall correctly, Asterisk supports most, if not all, the Cisco IP Phones.



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Erik Tamminga

Erik - Thanks for you helpful response. I will look into Asterisk.

Best, S7

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