CISCO Call Manager Express - How to capture calls?


Take a look at

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It is an IP PBX which has call recording capabilities.

WBR, Andrew

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Andrew Zhilenko
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Hi, We have a Call Manager Express System based on a 1x2611XM.

We want to capture calls incoming specific extension configured on the router. We try with TAPI´s but we didn´t succed.

The only thing we want is knowing when a extension "rings".... Any idea please? Is there anyway to communicate directly with de router ios or something like this? We are quite lost...


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Not exactly sure if this is possible but it might be worth checking out. There may be some sccp or mgcp debug options on the router that can be logged to a syslog server.

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I think he does not want to record calls but 'capture' the event of a ringing phone to trigger something else ? If so this should be possible (I think even TAPI should work) by using the SKINNY protocol. AFAIK SKINNY is something simular to MGCP but with specific Cisco extensions.

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