About Cisco Call Manager 4.x and Branch office IP Phone communication

Hello. I have a question about the setting up Cisco Call Manager 4.x to assign directory # and dialtone to one IP Phone which is located at remote site (branch Office) connected with IP WAN Link

Does CISCO Call Manager Have this kind of functionality??? or we must have to use SRST enabled router at branch office, plz if your answer is "Yes", could you tell me how to setting or any documents will solve my question.

Thanks for your answer!!!

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This is straightforward. If you are using DHCP you can use it at the remote office to give the phone it's settings as usual. If not then you will need to give the phone an IP and mask and gateway and I think point it at the TFTP server (often the call manager). then is is the same as setting up any other phone.

Clearly you will need to consider QoS.

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