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I have a problem with transfer on catalyst 5500 with RSM Module ( Route Switch WS-X5302). RSM module is configure to routning between vlan :

interface vlan 2 ip add xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx interface vlan 3 ip add yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

ip routing router rip ver 2 network xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx network yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

Ping between vlan is ok but if I use FTP, transfer between vlan go down to 0,5Mb. If server and workstation are in the same vlan transfer is

10 Mb Server and workstation are connecting to 10/100BaseTX Ethernet WS- X5224 port 10/1 normal Duplex auto Speed auto 10/100BaseTX port 10/2 normal Duplex auto Speed auto 10/100BaseTX

I think that the problem is Route Switch WS-X5302 but I dont know why.

Please help me. Thank you.

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You do not need to use RIP or any other dynamic routing protocol to route network traffic between subnets connected by the very same router. Changing this will not resolve your problem, but I wanted to mention it because you included the RIP configuration in your example.

You should expect almost the same apparent performance going from a xxx.xxx.xxx.xx IP address to a xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP address as you would if you went from a xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP address to an yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy IP address.

This will probably not resolve your problem either, but you should know that multilayer switching (layer 3 switching) has to be enabled on the Cisco Catalyst 5500 RSM and switch with "mls rp ip" on the router module and "set mls enable" on the switch. This would probably only improve performance when high loads of network traffic are crossing the switch.

The Cisco Catalyst 5500 is available as a routing switch only if a RSM module is present, which you seem to have. Rouing is available between the switch and the routing module over a 400mb/s half-duplex connection. Enabling multilayer switching gets around that bottleneck in the middle of those two components which are treated as seperate devices. This could be a cause, but there is no way to tell in this message how much other network traffic may be present or what the rest of the configuration is.

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Scott Perry

Take a look at the Cisco document

Troubleshooting the Catalyst 5000 Route Switch Module (RSM) and InterVLAN

formatting link

and also exame the ouput of the command sh controller c5ip

check which DMA channel the vlan are on and whether manuallyconfigure the dhma channle makes a differenc.

I can also recall configure hold-queue on RSM years ago to address some performance related issues

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The ports on the switch are set to auto/auto, but are both the server and workstation also configured for auto/auto? I suspect that they aren't and you have a duplex mismatch on at least one of them. Duplex mismatches can be tricky to discover, but this is a classic symptom. Usually someone will tell you that they "transfer files just fine to server A, but to server B throughput is terrible, so I couldn't possibly have a duplex mismatch on my PC", WRONG!!!

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Thank you for advice,

I change DMA channel and turn on mls rp ip on the router module and set mls enable on the switch, duplex is ok to, but transfer is stil low max 1,5 Mb

I think that my RSM is broken or somethnig else.

Have anyone any idea ? please help me.

thank you for help

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see the Cisco doc Troubleshooting IP multilayer switching

formatting link

Are the MLS_SE and MLS_RP in the same VTP domain ?

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