Problem Configuring NAT on ASA 5500

I am learning how to configure an ASA 5500. I am having a problem with NAT.

It is my understanding that traffic will pass from a more secure interface to a less secure interface by default. I wanted hosts on the Inside interface to be able to ping hosts on both the Dmz and the Outside interfaces. The security levels are: Inside 100 Outside 0 Dmz 50

I added ICMP to the Class inspection_default

nat by default was:

global (outside) 1 interface nat (inside) 1

I added nat (dmz) 1

I can ping hosts on the Outside interface from the Dmz. I cannot ping hosts on the Outside interface.

Looks like, with my dim understanding of this, I missed something.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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I figured out what the problem was by using that cool tool in the ASDM, the Packet Tracer. It showed what access-list was stopping the ping. It was the implied deny any at the end of the access-list that I had, incorrectly, on the indside interface to allow dns from the hosts on the dmz. It should have been on the dmz interface.

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nat (dmz) 1

needs to change to

nat (dmz) 2 global (outside) 2 interface

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