i need ur help guys

I run a wireless Isp i'm new now my problem is i'm trying to put a base station like 5km from my Noc with a clear line of sight.I got a mikrotik radio and a grid antenna 24dbi but the signals i'm getting from my Noc is weak i got customers lined up buzzing me i need to set that place up b4 i run down.Any advice pls holla at me asap.Thanks pplz

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First let's narrow the scope of the issue - is this an installation issue or point of failure issue.

Did it work in the past? If it didn't, its an installation issue. If it did work, but failed...something "broke".

I could go on with things to check for both situations, but the would be too lengthy.

an access point that is back hauled to the NOC 5 KM away. Since the customers (the ones using the access point have problems), you may have either a back haul problem or access point problem.

Plug your laptop into the ethernet output port on your far-end back haul radio and see if you get a good radio connection to your NOC 5 KM away. Most radios have a signal quality indicator on the configuration web page. If you have a good signal, you may have an access problem.

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bomerx hath wroth:

In Benin City, Nigeria?

At 5km, you should have at least 10 meters clearance for the Fresnel Zone at midpoint:

That means the antennas at both ends must be at least 10 meters above ground level. Do you have the necessary clearances?

I assume you have the 24dBi antenna at the customers, and something else at the NOC. It takes to radios to make a link. What antenna, coax, and radio are at the WISP end? Numbers please.

If you have more than one customer with a problem, then it's more likely that the problem is at the central access point end, and not at the customers (CPE) end.

Are you sure it's lack of signal strength (weak?) that's the problem and not interference? How weak? What does Dude return for signal strength and noise level? Numbers please.

You might want to graph the signal level:

That will tell you if it's varying and how badly. If the noise level varies substantially, you have an interference problem.

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