IOS Feature Codes

Where can I find a complete list of IOS image feature codes?

I want to decode C2600-IK9O3S3-M

C2600 - means for the 2600 series router I means IP Subset included

The rest, I am not certain of.

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i for IP Base k9 for 128bit encryption o3 for Firewall with IDS

I don't know what s3 stand for. ( maybe IPSec? )

Usually I use one of these tools to identify an image:

formatting link
I'm pretty sure there is an up-to-date doc on cisco site on how to identify the features included with IOS but unfortunately I don't know where it is.

Regards, Gabriele

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Gabriele Beltrame


Thanks gobs. That did the trick, and thanks for the advice on my evil router lab.

I suspect the 1900's will have to go but for the CCNA they ought to be fine. I willkeep my eyes on on some 35XX equipment.


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