Do I have the right stuff

Working on CCNA, and I have about 30 days to get it done. I have previous experience with IOS 11 and even further back (UGH).

I have three 2610's each with 1 ethernet and 2 serial network interfaces. They have 32K NVRAM and 16MB System Flash...with this I have a couple of Cat

1900's one is blue and one is gray, I assume one is older. They are 24 port models and I think I undertsand thewm to be 10 mbit switches, with the exception of the two 10/100ports on each.

My 2610's are running IOS 12.3 (9) with an image file of C2600-IK9O3S3-M

The 1900's are running on coal and whale oil and may be the orginal switched used by Captain Ahab to search for Moby Dick with little success...they show the following:

Model WS-C1924-EN - with enterprise edition software, Flash is 1024K and firmware is V9.00.07 (the blue model)

Model WS-C1924-A - with Standard Edition Software, Flash is 1024K and firmware is version 8.00.04 (the gray model)

I have the three routers connected via serial ports so I have in essence:




How cute huh? this gear sutiable for CCNA labs and will it have enough stuff to train on for the exam? Where can I go on the Cisco site to find out what the feature codes mean, and what steps do I need to upgrade the

1900 to Enterprise software (or is that even necessary?)

I am using CBT Nuggets and the two book set from Cisco, along with some sample questions and some cheat sheets someone gave of things to memorize.

Will this equipment do it? Willl it be good enough for CCNP or do I need to get rid of the 1900's?

Thanks a zillion

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For CCNA you're OK ( although 2950 switches would be better ) and If I'm not wrong you could even have a frame relay LAB using a 2610 to switch DLCIs.

For CCNP you should go with ML Switches like 3550.

In regards to switches software I think you could stay with standard Image without losing anything for CCNA.

Regards, Gabriele

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