How many times did it take for you to pass the CCNA?

I just took the CCNA the other week and failed. How many people had to take it more than once to pass?

I seemed to breeze past the subnetting questions, not hard at all. The problem for me came when I got to the NAT sim, as I failed to remember exactly how to set it up (even with the help screens). I had about 30 minutes left when I got the NAT sim, and still had about 15 more questions to go. After playing with it for 10 minutes I went ahead and skipped it.

When you went back to take the test, did you get the exact same questions again, or did you get a complete other test? How does Cisco do their tests for a retake?

Thanks Chad

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I've failed it twice already. Hoping the 3rd time will be the charm. You may see a couple of questions from your previous test but don't count on it!


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