CCNA how many % ?

No. Cisco does not disclose how the scoring is done but the range is from 300-1000. Assuming that about 70 questions in the exam, each question is 10 pts. If the passing score is 850, that is

850-300/700 or around 78%.


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In the nearest future, I will try to pass the CCNA exam.

I searched for an information about this exam (google). In one news I found an information, that on CCNA exam, you get 300 points extra on start, so You need only 55% more to pass this exam.

Is this true ?

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not sure how this all works with cisco, but i highly doubt that each question has the same point value, as i have been told if you miss 2 simulation questions you fail the exam. I am not sure if this is true but is seems logical that cisco would do it that way. Some questions are much easier than others on the exam.

The CCNA exam has a high fail rate for first time takers, so i would not be as concerned with percentages and rather concentrate on concepts. The exam is not that hard, the main focus is technical knowledge and concepts. The time limit is 90 minutes and most people i know who failed the exam run out of time.

you must get a 849/1000 so if you want a percentage that would be an

85%. if all questions are equal then 55 question @ 85% means you can miss 8 questions minus the simulation questions as you have to get those correct.
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Eric Eastridge

If your concered the passmarks on Cisco exams, why are you doing them ?

/me rolls eyes....


m3rl> In the nearest future, I will try to pass the CCNA exam.

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