Failed CCNA on first attempt... any suggestions?

I failed on my first attempt. I managed to score a 745, even though I ran out of time. I need to manage my time more closely. What is the average time I should spend on the single and multiple choice questions? I was thinking one minute for each since I need to conserve my time with the sims.

I have taken a boot camp (last month) and read through lammels book, but I am going to re-read some chapters. Also, I used two different exan sims, mesureup (came with the boot camp) and the simulator from RouterSim, but I will tell you this, they were not EVEN slose to any of the real questions. If there is anything else that can help me over the next week, that would be good.

Also, what are some good cram resources? I have several things now, just looking for more.

I failed it yesterday (Nov. 27th), and scheduled another examination for the monday afterwards. If I fail again, I am going to ask my boss if I can have another month or so to study more.

I ahve to be honest, I have done nothing BUT study for the last month and a halfl. I basically have no life :)

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---I failed the first time I took the CCNA exam and also had a problem with time management. The second time I took it I was ready for the time constraint. Not sure how much time I would recommend spending on each question. I would make sure that you don't waste a lot of time on questions that you just end up guessing on anyways. How many questions did you have left when time expired?

It sounds like you have all the study materials you need. I would just concentrate on studying up on the areas you were weak on and give it another shot. How much hands on experience do you have with Cisco gear?

Just remember, this a difficult test and A LOT of people fail it once or twice. Just don't get frustrated, stick with it, and you will pass.


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Try the "" questions. They are similar to the questions you get.

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Well, I had about 20 questions left when I saw that I had about 18 minutes left for the test. ONE of those was a sim I skipped, which I should not have done. I rushed through it and managed to get to the end and almost got to answer the last question before it timed out.

I do have access to our production equipment and some older router/switches in the office.

I was pretty down on myself since I was doing well on some practice exams, which I am not going to be using very much now. They weren't even close to the real thing.

I will just keep trying. I *WILL* pass it! :)

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Have you considered the two part test? Intro then ICND. I have heard from several sources that there is not enough time given to take the one test option.

This is the route I plan on taking.

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" ran out of time " Do you know how many people have failed because of that? Even if you manage to pass, you will have to go through the same thing every

3 years. What's the point of spending the money for cisco? Cisco is greedy for money! You have studied hard, you know your stuff (745 is a very good result), so my suggestion is: DO NOT BOTHER TAKING CCNA EXAM!!!
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When I took my CCNA a couple of years ago, I told myself I wouldn't take the exam until I read Todd's book 3 times in a row, and thats what I did. I did pass first time, but that is a little luck too.

For the best emulator/sim, check out dynamips/dynagen. This uses real Cisco IOS's, so you do need one.

Good luck.

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