Passed CCNA on first try

Score of 870. Planning 90%, Implementation 81%, Troubleshooting 82%, Technology 76%. I thought there was no way I was passing, so I had got a shock when I finished and the screen saying in big bold letters, 'per cisco policy you may not retake this test', like, I did so bad they wouldn't let me even try again. Then I noticed it said I passed. I had thought I still had a ways to go, so didn't notice the time when I finished, but it was about 30 minutes early. There were almost no simulations, and they were limited (setting a password or setting an IP address), not like configuring interaces and routing protocol on a router.

No thanks to either test aid (Exam Cram and TestOut). There were three whole subject areas both of the ignored, EIGRP (internal details of), NAT and I forget the third. The remaining questions were either trivial or significantly harder (and maybe quite different orientation) than the sample ones.

What DID make the critical difference was that I had taken the class for BSCN (the first CCNP units), which covered two of the above and which I would have had no idea even of the terminology if I had not taken that class.

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Rock on. I will be sitting in front of that computer too in about a week and a half. Wish me luck.

The exam is open book right?

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You really make me laugh... OPEN BOOK??? then you will see CCIE flooding around.

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