Sybex 4th edition CCNA & 640-821

Hi all, I'm now trying (again) to sit down and study for the CCNA-I'm going for the 2 part approach.I have the Sybex 4th edition study guide. I also have the 2nd edition but I kept putting off the exam for so long, it became out of date ;-) So can somebody tell me, by chapter of the 4th edition, which parts I need for the a) 640-821 b) 640-811 I dont want go back out and buy another book-I have access to routers in the workplace so real-time is not a problem.Can somebody give me a steer as I want to set out some clear objectives on what I need to know for each exam, in order.Even a web page would help!



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I have the 5th edition Sybex CCNA Study Guide. It is either out dated or they skip stuff. The first question on my CCNA exam was a NAT Sim with overloading.

On the other hand, the NAT sim may have been a throw away question? I wasted 20 minutes on the sim before skipping it. I still scored 960.

The best chapter in the book is 3 - Subnetting. He explained the easy way to do it and it was a huge help.

I don't know how to break it down for you. The book is clearly designed for the 801. Personally, I would recommend the 801 over the 811/821. The 801 has half as many questions on everything. If you are weak on anything, the split tests may show it more.

To study for the 811, you can safely skip Wan's, and intermediate Routing topics with EIGRP, IGRP and OSPF. Vlan and VTP are also ICND.

Everything else is fair game on the 811. Know subnetting, rip, acl's, tcp/ip, osi, media, switching and bridging, ethernet, IOS management, basic troubleshooting, basic configs, and the basics of igrp and eigrp.

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