Cisco PIX pdm location

Hi Could you tell me what exactly mean "pdm location" in Cisco PIX config file. For example:

[...] pdm location inside pdm location outside pdm location outside pdm location outside pdm location inside [...]

best regaqrds

-- bleetz

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It's simply mapping your networks that it see's. Kind of like a routing table for PDM.

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Brian V

Think of it as an ACL for PDM... If you are coming from those subnets (or hosts) you can access PDM... if not, not.


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Hope this will clear your doubts.

For example,

pdm location outside

what the above mentioned command means is ...

!--- Assists PDM with network topology discovery by associating an external !--- network object with an interface. Note: The pdm location !--- command does not control which host can launch PDM.

regards dabance

bleetz wrote:

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But appears to be the next best thing because although the PIX may have a route to a specific host in its normal routing tables if it doesn't have the host (or the hosts subnet) defined as a 'location', the host won't be able to run PDM.


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