CCNP exams

Does anyone know what the latest version of the cisco networking academy
program for CCNP is?
Also, any information about the Routing exam's simulation or good simulators
to use to prepare would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Don't know about the version.
I use Boson Netsim 6 for CCNP. This is good voor CCNA of CCNP exams, but doesn't know all commands. Very good to practice, though.
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I really like RouterSim's Network Visualizer 4.0 with BSCI. It likewise doesn't know all commands, but it is a very good product. It includes some BSCI labs for preparing to take the BSCI (routing) exam.
I used it and passed the exam. In particular, I did very well on the simulation based questions on the exam.
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I used RouterSim Network Visualizer 5.0 for CCNA to help passing the CCNA exam and I found it to be very helpful. It's not perfect and also didn't know about BRI interfaces at all. Not very handy because you have to know DDR and BRI for CCNA exam.
Is the RouterSim for CCNP doing any better? (Does it know how to simulate BRI?)
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Sorry for the slow response. I can look into that, but really that is a topic that would be found on the BCRAN exam. The RouterSim CCNP product is only advertised to be for the BSCI. It does okay with the routing protocols, but I haven't played with the Dial or ISDN commands. The labs that come with it for the BSCI are good. They will help prepare you for the BSCI exam, but this is still no substitute for practicing on a real router. The RouterSim software cannot do all of the commands in Cisco's BSCI lab book, for instance. I hope that helps clarify.
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Thanks for all the responses. I really appreciate any info. to help prepare as I don't have much time before the exam.
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