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I have a CCNA certification and am considering the CCNP exam. Can anyone tell me if the CCNP exams will seem easier since I already have the knowledge from studying for the CCNA? Thanks!

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The CCNP exams will not seem easier. You'll have to have more in depth knowledge about the routing protocols etc. I just took and passed the BSCI. There was a lot more detail about how EIGRP and OSPF work. They also introduce Border Gateway Protocol and IS-IS which aren't covered in the CCNA at all. You're also introducted to policy based routing. It's not impossible though. I focused on the technology more than configuration and that seemed to work out for me.

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hi Larry, i am bit track off your question. i am studying CCNA and also preparing for the cetification exam . can you provide me some brief steps and tricks for the exam thanx in advance

regards nirmal

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Nirmal Baral

I will agree with the previous message - they are more intense, but easily divided into content categories.

You learned about the basics in the CCNA but also about routing protocols, switching concepts, various WAN connections, and overall troubleshoting. Now these CCNP exams can be categorized the same way.

One CCNP exam, BCSI, will concentrate more on the RIP, OSPF, IGRP/EIGRP, and BGP you learned about in the CCNA. Now you will be questioned on how they work which leads you down the path of actually learning how to implement them, not just call them "distance vector" or "link state".

The other exams work the same way. BCMSN will make you learn how to use the switches to the fullest, BCRAM will educate you along the way how to configure WAN interfaces . . . but they take it one major topic at a time.

I would encourage you to pick up either a BCSI book or a BCMSN book and get into learning more. Many people choose these 2 of the 4 additional tests for the CCNP first. Save the support exam for last as it encompasses topics from all four.

Salutations, Lord Balki CCNA, 12 years in the field

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