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Hi there , I'm currently half way through my CCNA and hopefully if I pass I'm looking to do my CCNP early next year, I'm 26 and been in IT Support /networking for 10 years with various MCPs in Luton , Bedfordshire .

I was hoping somebody could help answer a few questions. Here's the scenario:

The aim is to study full time early next year for my CCNP , Ideally I would like to have the certification within 6-8 months( the sooner the better) I've looked at many websites and most offer a boot camp (14 days etc) cramming type course which I'm not keen on . I looked at some of the Cisco acadamy courses but most if not all tend to be part time and last 2 years.

My other option is to do the self study at home, Although I feel this is achieveable i think there maybe some things I may miss out.

Does anyone know of any good companies that offer a course for 6 months?

Can anyone offer any any advise and curriculum ie, test prep book etc... I already have 3x 2950 switches and a 2600 router

What would be an average timescale to home learn CCNP fulltime from scratch providing I have the correct equiptment?

Many thanks in advance

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Karl Tull
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I can't give any advice, but I can offer some encouragement, I am trying to get an eventual CCIE cert, going for the CCNA, CCNP first, as seems to be the key...I am doing this as a home study, and using the newsgroups,, IRC in some instances, google, and bookstores to try to achieve this.

Outta Luck

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