Net Academy versus Training Company

I would like some feedback on this subject.

Having already passed my CCNA, I want to look into pursuing my CCNP. I have about three options, all of which have their drawbacks.

Option 1. Augusta Technical Institute in Augusta, Georgia.

Advantages: They rarely cancel CCNP courses. They are a Cisco Net Academy program. Their next CCNP program starts at the beginning of the summer. Course cost is modest (as tuition goes).

Disadvantage: I'd have to drive sixty miles each way two times per week (240 miles per week) for a year to do it (I live in Columbia, SC).

Option 2. Midlands Technical College in Columbia, South Carolina.

Advantages: They are a Cisco Net Academy program. Their tuition is modest. As I have taught for them before, they are willing to get me certified to teach each course that I complete (they have me certified to teach CCNA 1 - 3 at present. This is where I did my CCNA [re]training).

Disadvantages: They often have trouble keeping enough enrollment to keep CCNP classes going. The next offering will not be until the fall. Even if the first class has enough enrollment, there could be enough loss through attrition that they might have to cancel the rest of the program at some point (they are a state school and the state of South Carolina is very particular about minimum enrollment numbers. Otherwise, they cancel the class. The only exception is if there is someone in the class that will graduate from a degree program if they complete the course, which doesn't help here).

Option 3. Training Concepts in Columbia, South Carolina.

Advantages: Can complete program in four months time. Next program starts in early May. They are very near to where I live.

Disadvantages: Tuition is very high ($8K for the entire CCNP program). They are *not* a Cisco Net Academy program.

The primary thing I want to know from the folks here is if a CCNP from other than a Cisco Net Academy program is more desirable than someone that did it from an independent training program. In other words, do employers prefer those that completed a Net Academy program over these independent training companies.

Any other feedback would be a plus.

Thanks for anyone who can help.



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