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Have just taken and passed semester 1-2 CCNA but found it realy hard not sure if i should carry on for sem 3-4, my company are paying for me and i dont want to let them down if i fail

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Julie darbyshire
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gregg johnstone

Hey, you promised to write on the bottom :)

You have not started with Cisco stuff yet. Sem1 and 2 are just a review of CompTIA Network + except for Mod 8 in Sem 1 and a few chapters in sem 2. Actually, Network + is considered to be a prereq for CCNA.


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The Dude

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The Dude

Forgive my ignorance, but what is so difficult on the CCNA study? And why do you call it 1-2 CCNA semester?

I do not mean to be arrogant, I am really interested what makes it so difficult. Is it because people have decided the move into the IT world coming from something complete different?


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Yes, basically newbies, don't you know what its like to completely new at something.

Networking it quite a bit different from other areas like programing, I found it really hard to grasp, don't know why perhaps because I'm getting old... :D

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You are lucky to have your company pay.

Companies aren't charitable folk. they aren't doing this For You. Ultimately, they're doing it for them. If you don't deliver, they may just not increase your salary as much as they might if you succeed. they just scratch your back as much as you can scratch theirs. Everybody has their limits.

You might lose out yourself if you fail. But most people lose out - why don't more people become a doctors... - you do what you can. Though a CCNA - like most things - is easier than medicine.

When a company doesn't raise somebodys salary, or does worse - they won't think in terms of letting the person down. They'll think about improving the way they run their business.

Fortunately there are laws in place so businesses can't literally skin their employees alive. No doubt some environments are nicer than others. But regardless of that, don't worry in terms of "letting the company down". Think about what you can do for the company, and what you'll then get in return. Just as they think what you can do for them, and what they can offer you in return. But that's as far as it goes, don't enslave yourself. It's true that they're doing quite a bit for you, and mgiht expect qutie a bit return. But if you don't deliver then may just do less for you. And you'll be back to the comfortable you were in

I think this sounds like a reasonable company though. If they're paying for you to do a CCNA, but don't get carried away. Because you could get the cert and leave them. Most companies like to keep their employees

*Down* unless they really need them to be more qualified.

There are cases where if you think you can't do something, and it's a strict deadline, and it's not the last minute, then you tell your manager, or ask for advice. A sensible manager should know if he is over loading you.

Other cases, you absolutely don't want to "get out of it", even if it's an unreasonable task, they appreciate an attempt - these are usually cases where it's not a deadline that effects lots of people.

Perhaps in this case, "getting out of it" won't help you, or the company. They might have already payed too. And if you quit, it'll make you look worse than if you try. They're not being unreasonable. Though even if they were, If you're a lowly pleb, then arguing why it's unreasonable is dangerous. You sound like you're in a nice environment! So, I can see why you think in terms of "not letting them down". But remember, it is a business and they'll balance What they pay you, and what they get for their money. In a nice , reasonable envorinment, they'll stay nice. They'll just change things to maintain the balance.

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Not-for-profit institutions like high schools , colleges and universities who are members of the Cisco Networking Academy Program deliver CCNA training over 4 courses. (See

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CCNA 1 Networking Basics CCNA 2 Routers & Routing Basics CCNA 3 Switching Basics & Intermediate Routing CCNA 4 WAN Technologies

Originally these were called "Semesters 1 - 4", but because, globally, academies deliver each course differently that nomenclature is now obsolete.

For people with little or no technical background CCNA 1 is particularly difficult - extremely broad and with a lot of non-examined background stuff, which while important for an understanding of how the hardware operates doesn't feature in the Cert exam.


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Aubrey Adams

thats right. Hows that dude? ;)

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gregg johnstone

Congratulations on passing two semester exams. You should feel proud. I had people in my college who failed several times.

I understand the pressures of having work paying for your course. I think I could have got my work to pay for my course but instead I chose to pay for it myself. That way, if I fail I only have to answer to myself. I did get time off for studying though, they were very understanding. I thought that was a good deal, really.

So - now that you have successfully passed 2 semester congratulate yourself and keep at it! Remember you are already halfway there. If you find it hard try and think of what the main reasons are. Perhaps you need more time? How long is each semester for you, how many hours per week?

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Per Hansen

Thanks for your clarification.


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