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I posted this about a month ago, im still looking, just going to post a nudge, my last post on the subject

I am due to start cisco CCNA sem3 and 4 when i go back to uni in september, I figured it might be a good idea to buy the companion guide and have a read before i start

However i have read all over the internet that Companion guide for CCNA3 and

4 wasnt exactly to the online curriculum for the CCNA

I'm not sure how I can find out if cisco ever did release a new revised edition of the CCNA 3 and 4 companion guide, according to they never and the last one released was in June 2003

Can anyone advise me on which books I could purchase to read up on while im laying on the sofa on a sunday afternoon through the summer?

I want to get a head start, would the companion guide for sem 3 and 4 from do the trick? and give me enough knowledge to be able to go and study the online material without needing to really really concentrate?

or will it miss stuff out, stuff that will be on the online material and possibly the test?


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The June 2003 edition is CCNA 3 & 4 Companion Guide Third Edition and matches the current version (ver 3) of the Networking Academy online curriculum which in turn matches the current CCNA Certification Exam (640-801).

The Third Edition Companion Guides were prepared the same time as the new curriculum so some of the chapter divisions don't map exactly to the curriculum modules when that was released but the content is there.

Part I: Ch 1 = Review of OSI Model & Routing

Part II: Ch 2 - 4 = VLSM/OSPF/EIGRP = Modules 1 - 3 of CCNA 3 Curriculum Ch 5 - 10 = Switching/VLANs = Modules 4 - 9 of CCNA 3 Curiiculum (Ch 5 covers Module 4 & some of Module 5, Ch 6 covers Module 5)

Part III: Ch 11 - 15 = WAN technologies = Modules 1 - 5 of CCNA 4 Curriculum Ch 16 = Network Admin/SNMP = Module 6 of CCNA 4 Curriculum

Part IV: Bonus material Ch 17 - 23 including CCNA Exam Review

It's not a perfect book, e.g., Fig 13-9 & Fig 13-10 show poor proofing of the cut & paste diagrams but it's a good opportunity to "spot the deliberate mistake" and test that you really know the difference, in this case, between PAP & CHAP.

You could do a lot worse - it depends how you want to prepare. By topics/areas in the CCNA exam? Then use a Cert swat type book.

Or do you want to follow the order/structure of these topics as covered by the Academy curriculum? Then the Companion Guide is of the most use.


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Aubrey Adams

I am not to bothered about order, I just want to know a little bit about each chapter/test/section to be able to comfortabley get through CCNA 3 and

4, Although I have already passed CCNA 1 and 2 I am planning on reading that full companion guide this summer to make sure I can move onto reading the material for £ amd 4 without any major difficulties.

uni instructor should have enabled chapter 3 online material so we could look at it through the summer. actually ill just look at the online material for 1 and 2, that should be a good refresher for reading the 3 and 4.

Cheers for the help

i didnt know if that (third edition) was the correct one since the 1 and 2 guide has a 3.1 edition

anyhow thanks

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Eventually you will buy a study guide, right?

I like the Wendell Odom CCNA certification library. I've read the 4 official CCNA course books, too. If I was in your shoes, I'd get the Odom book. This will familiarize you with the concepts, often as well as the official curriculum. Then, to further your understanding, read the RFCs that pertain to frame-relay, ethernet, routing protocols, etc. Here's one on ospf.

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You'll be heads above everyone by sem 3, and by then you'll have access to the ccna online content and, more importantly, actual equipment.

peace, Alan

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