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Where can I learn how to do cabiling fiber termination?

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Howard Huntley
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Hi Howard,

The best way to learn fiber termination is to attend a manufacturer-setup training, especially one that deals with the particular type of connector you will be using first. The is much difference between installing different types of connectors, especially between epoxy-polished style and crimp-on style. There are also subtle variations between ST, SC, LC and other connector types within the same style, so you may really want to start learning the exact connector you'll be dealing with.

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Do you just need to get something done? If so, try to get somebody to tell you/show you. I have done quite a bit of glue on ST connectors and it really isn't that hard. You just have to be careful and take extra time until you are very familiar. It is one of those things that would take pages to describe but in real practice it is pretty simple. I haven't shopped for a kit lately but I would expect to spend about $1000 for everything you need (maybe less, its been a while).

On the other hand, if you want to know how because you want to be somehow certified and , you might try contacting a manufacturer like Hubbell to get in on a training ($$$). Really, if an experienced installer spent 30 minutes with you explaining a few things, it might be equal to spending a whole day or more reading instructions and product specs.


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