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what is maximun length of cat 5E or Cat 6 UTP cable can reach 100mbps from switch to workstation ?

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Derickjcj wrote in part:

100m (330ft). But people who ask often mean to run interbuilding which brings in lightening hazards.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

On a side note, I still come across military construction bids that include buried data cables between buildings. Specifications call for shielded buried cable in a 18" deep trench with a 10 AWG wire running over the cable to intercept surges, gas or metal-oxide surge protectors, and ten foot grounding rods.

On another side note, had a contractor do come trenching for me the other day. The customer knew there were several water lines only eight inches deep and lots of other stuff we could only guess at the location, and understood we might hit something.

We did.

Water line right 2" next to my buried telephone line. They trenched 10" deep over a marked 8" deep water line. They trenched too close to a septic system and got the septic line and another water line.

But the coolest thing was a 240 volt power line. The Ditch Witch pulled that cable up out of the ground throwing blue, purple, and green fire all over. You could taste it! It was pretty funny - after the initial shock, pardon the pun.

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Just don't tell the funny story to your insurance agent or an OSHA official... Did you try to call before you dig ;-) ? Was it all customer's infrastructure or some public stuff as well?

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No...was all on the customer's private premises with signed liability waiver. State mandated calling before digging only gets the gas, water, pipeline, and power companies alerted...not private facilities.

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