Wireless Broadband - I'm so very confused :-S

chipsandham75 wrote:-

> Well after about 2 days of research I have finally found this site > and > hope that someone out there may be able to part the mists that cloud > my > mind. > > TOPIC: Wireless network within home to enable wireless broadband > access > > My broadband supplier will be ntl so I have worked out that I will > need > to ensure that I have an ethernet output when it is installed in a > few > days time. I will then need to invest in a wireless cable router > which > will be connected to my modem/set top box via ethernet. Am I right > so > far??? > > I have a 3 day old HP Pavilion 3155EA laptop which has both > integrated > 10/100 LAN Ethernet and Intel® Pro/Wireless 2200 802.11b/g Integrated > Wireless LAN. OS is XP SP2 (laptop spec can be found he >
formatting link
> Does this mean that I will not need to purchase a seperate PCMIA > network card for the laptop??? > > Finally, I live in a shared house but will be paying for the > broadband > myself. In the event that any of my housemates decide to invest in a > PC/laptop, can anyone recommend a router that will enable me to set > MAC > addresses to prevent them using my subscription? > > Apologies if this question has been answered before but I have looked > an cannot seem to find the answer myself. > > Thanks in advance :-) > > - > You seem to have a pretty good idea of what is required. Be sure that > when you set up the wireless router, you enable security and > encryption. > That, and a password will enable you to prevent use by others. > The laptop you mention should work fine with a 'wireless-g' router. > > > -- > Ron Hunter snipped-for-privacy@charter.net

Great Ron, thanks for the reassurance (nice to know that I have at

least progressed from no clue at all to some kind of clue :-)

Just to check though, do you think I will need to purchase a network

card for the laptop or am I understanding correctly that it is wireless

ready as the kit is integrated already????

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Your specs show you have a Centrino, and has wireless G and Ethernet port already available. I use an IBM T42 that has the centrino and both work fine.

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L Alpert

If the laptop says it has 'wireless g' or 802.11 G wireless, it is ready to go. If you get one of the 'enhanced speed' models, you will need to add a card to get the higher speed.

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Ron Hunter

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