2000 wireless laptop to xp connection

Good day:
I am a newbie at this but i am having a problem connecting my 2000 laptop to
wireless connection.
I am using a xp which is hardwired to speedstream 6300 wireless gateway. I
lost my set up cd and Bell will not help me because i did not purchase the
D-link card from them.
Is there steps on how to connect my laptop to xp.
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Art McFarlane
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"Art McFarlane" wrote in news:Ql_te.35358$ snipped-for-privacy@news20.bellglobal.com:
The link should help and it's the O/S(s) that share resouces with each other and doesn't have anything to do with BEll or some set-up CD.
The link covers all the MS O/S(s).
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Duane :)
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Duane Arnold

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