Problem, Linksys WPC54G wireless card and WIN 98SE ??


I have a wireless network and bought a wireless card for my WIN98SE laptop. I actualy log into a domain and when I do I have access to the network. Well I setup the software and entered in the key for my wireless network for the WPC54G wireless PCMCIA card anfd I am able to log in and surf the web and all that good stuff

If I just log off, not restart just log off and log back in everything is there, the network is there and everything is great. if I restart I must fuirst bypass the login prompt by hitting cancel and then just open the Wireless card software, it then finds the network and I am able to log off and log back in and everything is great.

Anyone know how to make it work without having to reenter everything after each restart?

BTW, the people at linksys after having me try several things said this is normal, but I kind of doubt it.

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everything is

I have read about this somewhere, you are not the only one. I dont recall if win98 has a setting to do a Ctrl-Alt Delete to get a login prompt. Might check and see, although not sure if it will help

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