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Everyone is so quick to take their cable service provider to task for things they do wrong, and that it fine, but it is only fair to post as well, when they do something right.

Earlier this week, I was told by my wife that "the internet is down". "I doubt it, but maybe there is a problem locally." I replied. To my wife, ANYTHING that does work properly re the internet, then it is 'down'. In fact, I had no contact with any servers. the modem reported ready, sync, and some activity on the receive and send lights, so I told her to wait a while and try again. Two hours later, it was still not working, so I called customer service. The wait was very short (less than 30 seconds!), and the rep. was polite, and helpful. He ran tests to the modem, and said it looked like a modem problem, since the person across the street from me, who is on the same drop, was having no problems. He didn't even ask me to bypass my router (a first), or reboot my computer. He then said the fatal words; "We will have to send someone out." Sigh. He asked when would be a good time, and I replied ASAP. He said there was an open appointment for (would you BELIEVE?) the next day, between 8 and 11! Since I am retired, this was no problem. The next day, about 8, someone called to verify the appointment, and about 9 the truck pulled up out front. The tech. came in, saw my modem, looked at the power adapter, said they had a lot of problem with that model, and replaced my modem. The new modem is about

1/2 the size of the old one, and reported a SNR of over 35, where the old one reported from 23 to 29. Needless to say, connectivity, and speeds were up to specs, and he left.

So, from broken to fixed, in UNDER 24 HOURS! Now I can't complain about THAT.

Ok, that's NOT the norm, but it is nice when customer service does things right, and they deserve a pat on the back.

Well done, Charter Cable Fort Worth.

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Ron Hunter
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I also had a failure recently. It was a bad connector, feeding to my condo. It was also repaired in less than 24 hours.

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James Knott

Actually, that IS the norm, but like you said in your opening, many more people report what went wrong than what went right.

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Mike Rush

The norm? Where? CERTAINLY NOT HERE! I have been a Charter customer since they got the franchise here (several years), and this is the first time response has been less than 3 days, usually more like 1 week, and not a few times, two.

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