LEV 6417 motion sensor & LEV HCA02-10E Coupler/Repeater

I recently discovered what I'm sure someone else in this group must've already figured out: that using a Leviton 6417 PLC motion sensor on a system with a Levition HCA02-10E Coupler/Repeater causes continuous ping-pongs when the 6417 tries to send an off command. Is there a work-around for this that still allows me to keep a coupler/repeater in the system? This a large house (belongs to a famous rock star who's last name could be abbreviated BJ) and I can't get away without the coupler/repeater. Anyone ever tried and ACT or the older leviton repeater with any success? TIA

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Paul S.
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It's the HCA02-10E. Replace it with an ACT coupler/repeater. The older Leviton coupler/repeater (6201?) did not have this problem but does not repeat extended codes.

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Dave Houston

Very much agreed ACT coupler is the one I recommend to everyone.

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Suzanne Rioux

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