EagleEye Motion Sensor battery life?

The EagleEye Motion Sensor uses 2 AAA batteries. What is typical battery life using alkaline batteries?


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Paul Ferguson
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It depends on temperature (cold affects charge) and the amount of motions that trigger it.

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Dave Houston

That's true. Figure a month or two, with relatively few motions being detected (say, 3 to 5 a day). I don't think you're likely to get to 4 months, even with NO detections whatsoever.

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I regularly get 4 months or more (I have 5 sensors - all inside) and some get maybe 3 motions a day and a couple get 20 or more.

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AZ Woody

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I've got one setup in a bathroom, controlling a cat's water dish. It has a pump that trickles it in a waterfall. The cat won't drink still water. Anyway, I rigged up the EagleEye at baseboard level, the cat even seemed to figure out it's necessary to move in front of it to trigger the water. But it also gets triggered when anyone uses the bathroom. It gets triggered about a dozen times a day. It's also setup with an 8 minute delay. I get a long enough time out of the batteries such that I can't really remember how often they need replacing. So I'm thinking it's got to be at LEAST four months.

Just make sure you label it with what house code and number it triggers. So when you have to reprogram it on replacing the batteries you don't have to go digging for the receiver to recall which code/number it uses.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

I have one in a closet that gets activated maybe twice a week. It's been at least two years since the batteries were changed.

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I find the time estimates of only several months to be mystifying. I have three installed for room lighting, which can get dozens of triggers a day, and yet they last so long, that I don't remember from replacement to replacement how long it has been. I believe it's at least a year. When I start getting erratic triggering, I check the battery, which is usually down to 0.9 volts or so. Maybe I will date the battery the next time just to see how long it really is.

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