Retrofitting Motion Sensor?

I have a few two-bulb floodlights mounted in the usual boxes.

Bought a retrofit motion sensor with the thought of converting one of the boxes to motion sensing.

Physically, no problem: the sensor screws right in to one of the threaded holes already in the box.

But I'm guessing I still need some sort of relay so the motion sensor trips the relay and the relay applies the AC to the bulbs.

Googling didn't reveal anything.

Anybody been here?

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The answer is some will probably drive the lights directly and some won't. Some will drive CFLs and some won't. Need far more info about the "retrofit motion sensor".

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Art Todesco

Per Art Todesco:

Heath/Zenith SL-5316-BZ-C as in

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I don't think it drives the lights because the black and white wires are so thin.

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I'm currently using several of these units. They're capable of directly driving a lighting load of 500W (4.2A), max. See the data sheet at:

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is your friend.. just search for Zenith SL-5316.


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Per kf:


Working like a charm.


FWIW, the PDF in the link's wiring diagram was different from the diagram that came with the unit - and, of course, the PDF's diagram worked.

Either I misinterpreted the one that came with the unit or it just did not work.

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