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Hi all,

We recently moved and I'm feeling a little stupid because I can't get two fast-macros to work. I'm trying to turn 3 appliance modules on at dusk and off at 1am. I've gone to new fast macro setup and dragged the 3 modules into it and I've turned them on. I then have gone to that module, in this case A4, virtual wiring and put in the on time for dusk. I did the same for the second macro for off. Dragged the 3 modules in, turned them off and set the time on the virtual wiring mod. Down loaded timers and macros to the unit but nothing happens. All 3 of them work individually if I program each module separately. I've gone through the Help section of Active Home dealing with macros and I seem to be doing everything correctly.

TIA, Joe

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Joe J.
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This sounds about right to me. I do something very similar. However, I do have a slight delay programmed in between each unit being activated/deactivated. You might try putting in a 1 minute delay and see what happens.

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David White

It starting working and the only thing I can figure out is that I had two modules with the same housecode. One in the macro, the other out. Once I deleted the one outside the macro, everything starting working OK. Joe

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