How to create trigger and macro?

I am making use of powerlinc v2 controller usb [2414u] along with some insteon and x10 modules.I am working on a c# 2005 project and not making use of any software. I want to know about certain things:-

  1. Do PLC contains any inbuilt macros and triggers if yes how can we access/use them.
  2. If I want to create a macro/trigger do current version of PLC support this?
  3. Since I am not familiar with macro/trigger much and also creation of these vary with controller(s) so how can I create a macro/trigger if I want to create one and attach it with PLC for use. Will it takes long to lear macro/trigger creation Thanks Arnie
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This would best be asked on the Smarthome forums.

There are no built-in macros/triggers.

I think that you need to buy an SDK license (& SDK) in order to get the necessary documentation to create your own software for this. Support for the lower levels of the SDK license is nearly non-existent consisting of developer's forums where you may or may not learn what you need.

There is a free software application that lets you load timers and macros into the PLC's memory. You may have to do some searching on Smarthome's (confused & confusing) web page to find it. Or, again, ask on the Smarthome forums.

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