SnapGear SG-560 IPsec configuration

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Hello everybody,

We have two locations connected though the Internet. At the both ends
we have SecureComputing SG-560 firewall appliances. For the connection
between the sites we defined an IPsec VPN tunnel.
The problemconsists in that that we had to install an additional
Exchange server in the remote location, and this server doesn't have
SMTP communication with the Master server.
I have tried to telnet the SMTP server from the inside of the remote
LAN and it works. Trying to telnet it from the main office, it doesn't
work. This gives me the idea of a misconfiguration of the firewall.
Can anyone advise me how can we open the 25 port to be forwarded
through the IPsec tunnel?

Thank you very much.

Re: SnapGear SG-560 IPsec configuration
Van Scarlat wrote:
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i don't know this product,
but for starters:

check if the tunnel is even "up",
do both networks see each other?

if no - check logs on both sites, you will see vpn/IPsec errors
if yes -
do traceroutes, is routing correct ?
is the server configured to accept connections from that subnet in the first
place ?
does it have the right default gateway ?


Re: SnapGear SG-560 IPsec configuration
Do the check from mak's mail.

The Snapgear / Cyberguard IPSEC VPN don't block any ports in the default
configuration. The two LANs have friendly configuration.


Van Scarlat wrote:
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