SnapGear SG300 Setup VPN to work with TheGeenBow Client


I have got this scenario for one my client as below :

1- Netgear ADSL modem router Dg384 is connected to my ISP, its LAN ip address is :

2- One of its LAN port is connected to a WAN port (ip address is : of a SnapGear SG300 and LAN ip address for SnapGear SG300 is

I know that VPN does not like double NAT and I can not convince the client to get rid of one device and he does like me to bridge the ADSL router either.

formatting link
In the link above I was able to configure TheGreenBow VPN Client to connect to a Netgear router FVS318 V3 (single NAT)

but in my case I do not have Netgear router FVS318, instead I have got Snap Gear SG300,,,,,,I did my best to configure the IPSec for SnapGear SG300, but I could not figure out where is my mistake, my confusion during VPN configuration I have to use many IP addresses, but I was not sure which one should I choose (be aware there is a double NAT ).

I have posted this question to many forums but I could not be convinced with answers.

I really appreciate experts comments about this issue ?


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