Norton 360 Network Locations

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I'm running Win XP on a desktop PC cabled to a router, and I have Vista on a
laptop with a wireless card. The firewall on the desktop is Norton 360 ver
1.3.  Both computers are online successfully and I can share files between
them both ways, but I'm not confident about the firewall settings.
Under Norton's Firewall General Rules I have allowed Windows File Sharing
with a (maybe too wide) IP range of <start address> to <start address +155>.
I set it wide because I don't know if the two network cards have fixed IPs.
In Network Locations there are some unknown entries in the Trusted column.
I've tried several times to move them to the Restricted column but when I go
back into Network Locations they've moved back into Trusted.
Can someone please tell me why this might be?

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