Help! -- how can i use a remote desktop with win xp home edition

I use a program called access remote at

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works on both lan and over the internet (39.95 for lan version, dynamic IP/dialup 99/year for what they call RPC service) I use it from both desktops/laptops wired/wireless, via lan and over the internet (RPC needed but also allows firewall penetration etc)

I use it for training and customer support without having to go to the clients for quick fixes. Works with many different versions of windows. See the web page (listed above) for all the neat features. I'm sure there's others, I just happen to use this one and like it.

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Peter Pan
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From the above page:

"This software package will install the client portion of Remote Desktop on any of the following operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000. (This is the same version of the client software as in Windows XP Service Pack 1.) When run, this software allows older Windows platforms to remotely connect to a computer running Windows XP Professional with Remote Desktop enabled."



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hey all

im a newbie to wireless, so be gentle...

i have an IBM thinkpad T41 (running win xp prof) using a wireless connection to my new netgear wireless router at home. the laptop comes from work and requires a domain login. so i have to be careful when adjusting my settings to ensure i dont lose my domain. (as ive found out the hard way)

anyway, id like to be able to remote desktop to my home computer (which runs win xp home edition sp1). since the home edition doesnt support remote desktop, what are my choices? is there an addon or third party software that would allow me to connect?

i appreciate any replies. thanks

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Yeah well there is a reason for that called *security*.

Tight VNC or Ultra VNC (free) can be used on XP and if you can get out past the company's FW to a non-secure home environment putting the company's secure environment at risk, then more power to you, otherwise you'll have some serious trouble from the company for sure due to you putting the company's network at risk and it's compromised because of you and it leads back to you, because of file transfers or what not etc, etc.

And with a wireless attackable most likely non secure home network at that. What's so important on that home machine that the company would allow you to make contact with that machine from work or that you couldn't bring whatever it is into work and work on it at the job if it's on that machine and that important?

Any FW Admin worth his or her beans will see that traffic and cut you off. The risk is yours to take and I have seen an employee terminated for a far less security breach and I was rolled on the carpet for making that contact just after I was cutoff -- it was not a good situation.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

You need vnc ,

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