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Is there a limit on the time between taking the first test for CCNP
and the last? I couldnot find an answer to this question on

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Re: CCNP Time frame
Hi Drake,

Due to program and course updates, Cisco encourages timely progression
for completing CCNP certification requirements.

However, Cisco does not have a formal time limit to when you must
complete all of the requirements to obtain an Associate, Professional
or Specialization Certification.

Most individual certification exams are valid for three years.

If an exam expires before all of the certification requirements have
been met, you will be required to retake that exam to complete the

If you happen to clear any CCNP exam before your CCNA expires then your
CCNA gets recertified for 3 years from that date.

And from the date you clear your first CCNP exam you get only 3 years
to clear other CCNP exams.

Now suppose you clear your 2nd CCNP exam next year from the date of
your first CCNP exam, well again your CCNA gets recertified for another
3 years from the date you cleared your 2nd CCNP exam.

Once more, you have 3 more years from then to clear the rest and the
same follows for the 3rd and 4th CCNP exams.

Further Examples:

You cleared your 1st CCNP exam back in January 2006, now your validity
for both CCNA and CCNP will be till January 2009.

You clear your 2nd CCNP exam on January 2008, now validity for both
CCNA and CCNP will be till January 2011.

You clear your 3rd CCNP exam on January 2010, now your CCNA and CCNP
validity is till January 2013.

Well now before January 2013 you have to clear your final exam.

If you clear your CCNP say in January 2010, your CCNA and CCNP
validation will be till January 2013 only.

So as you keep clearing your CCNP exams, your validity for CCNA and
CCNP will keep going 3 years from that date.

Finally, when you complete your CCNP from that date your CCNA and CCNP
have 3 years validity.

If you study daily with dedication, your 4 exams for your CCNP should
take no more than 1 or 2 years.

Hope this helps.

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