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My old router had a plug stop working, so I got a DI-524 wireless router and set it up with CAT-5 cables to my 3 computers, my printer, and my DSL modem. Then I decided to set up wireless so my wife could move her laptop around. I wish WPA-PSK was the default, it is easy and very secure - except that when I tried installing it on my wife's Centrino based laptop, XP said it wasn't supported. I assume that's a limitation of the built-in wireless modem. Is that true? So I went through her Windows XP wizard. I had no idea how to find the SSID, so I just put in my name, brazee. XP calculated a WEP/WPA key and I printed it out. Wireless Settings Network Name (SSID): brazee Network Key (WEP/WPA Key): (28 digits of numbers and letters censored before posting here) Key Provided Automatically (802.1x): 0 Network Authentication Type: open Data Encryption type: WEP Connection Type: ESS Key Index: If there is a more secure way available without upgrading her wireless modem, please recommend it. When we look at wireless networks, we see two of them. There is a neighborhood wireless we could have bought, but I don't know how to tell these two apart. I went downstairs, selected WEP Shared Key, and was able to type in half of that key above. I switched to 128 bit with no change. What should I try next?

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Howard Brazee
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