USB to Ethernet connection?

Just talked to SBC to get their DSL and the rep said I need to have an ethernet port on my computer. My couple of years old Dell does not have that - only have couple of USB ports (probably 1.0). Is there a converter of some kind that I can buy to get around this? Would there be any issues if I use the other USB port with my mouse? I am not very familiar with these kind of connections and any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.


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If you have a spare PCI slot on your computer, you should buy a NIC (ethernet port) card and install it. You should find one for about $10 or less.

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Marilyn & Bob

A USB Ethernet adapter has the port the guy wanted, and it's pretty cheap these days. I don't think it's over $20 or even less. I quick search on eBay revealed a few $5 ones, and I can bet they work just as fine as their

4 times more expensive cousins...
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