Using Wi-Fi to send Password for Mail and MT-Newswatcher

I have been using a city sponsored Wi-Fi for a while, mainly to browse the web and to download stuff from MacUpdate.

I use my earthlink account via dialup to send/receive email and to read the newsgroups, because both of these require a password be sent to earthlink to use.

Is there any way that I can use Wi-Fi to send/receive e-mail and to read the newsgroups without making my passwords known to others?

I am on Macintosh OS 10.5.8 and I use 3.6 and MTNewswatcher



--- Joe

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If you use an encrypted connection like https and nntps it is encrypted before it ever hits the network and will be more secure. However both ends of the connection must agree to support encryption.

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China Blue Veins

You could use IMAP/SSL, IMAP/TLS, or POP3/SSL for reading emails, SMTP/SSL or SMTP/TLS for sending emails, and NNTP/SSL for reading/posting news. Try ticking the "use SSL" and/or "use TLS" options in the appropriate client application settings and seeing whether that works for you and your service provider.


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